Rod and Reel


Considering planning a “from-the-boat” fishing trip? Our rod and reel guided boat tours are the perfect solution to an adventure of a lifetime. 

This is perfect for ANY age and ANY skill level.



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Book Your Rod and Reel Adventure!

We offer online booking, so if you’re ready to get started simply use the calendar below.


  • The cost for a one-day rod and reel excursion is $450 for up to 3 adult party members. In other words, $450 will cover the cost of up to 3 adults. Please be sure to enter the total number of party members in the column provided below. Note: If you plan on bringing a child, we might be able to fit up to 4 party members. Please contact us PRIOR to booking and we’ll let you know.
  • We require a 50% deposit before we can secure your spot. However, you are free to create a booking. We will contact you to discuss the details.
  • *Deposit fee details will be discussed via e-mail and/or phone conversation.

While noodling is NOT available during the winter season, rod and reel fishing is available all year.

Have questions? Let’s schedule a conversation!

  • Use Our Live Chat Option
  • Schedule a Phone Consultation
  • Use The Simple Contact On Our Site

Regardless as to whether you’re a seasoned vet in the fishing world – or an absolute beginner who has never caught a fish in your life – we will provide you with an unforgettable fishing adventure. That’s our promise.

From the BigTNadventures family to yours….
we wish you the absolute best.

Will Goodman

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