Jump Right In And Get Wet!

There's nothing like catching a big catfish using just your hands - and we'll show you how it's done here at Big TN Adventures.

Ready To Snag A Trophy Fish?

Take a fully-guided boat tour with us and we'll help you reel in fish you only dream about!

Fun For The Whole Family!

Looking for a family-friendly fishing expedition? Our fully-guided boat tours are perfect. All ages welcome.

Our Ladies Love To Noodle!

It's not just the men who love to go hand-fishing. Our ladies get right in on the action, too!

We Offer 2 Fishing Adventures

If you're into extreme sports, there's nothing better than getting right in on the action with our noodling excursion. This is an adults-only experience for men and women. Maybe you'd prefer a "from-the-boat" adventure? Go with us on a fully-guided boat tour and reel in some fantastic fish. Our rod and reel offer is available for all ages.

Make Your Next Fishing Trip a "BIG TN Adventure!"


Also known as “hand-fishing,” this extreme sport will get you some BIG CATFISH. Big TN Adventures offers a completely hands-on, “Let’s Get Wet” excursion. Find out more about this extreme sport today.

Rod and Reel Fishing

Rod and Reel Fishing
Considering a “from-the-boat” fishing trip? All ages and all skill levels are welcome! Our guided boat tours are the perfect solution to an adventure of a lifetime. Find out more about this family-friendly offer right now.
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